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"As the local neighbourhood Inspector for Watford I have found the Chaplaincy to be an invaluable asset to our work.  Internally we have the chaplaincy structure which provides support for our staff and externally we have a number of areas in which they assist us.  The street angels have been part of our Night Time Economy Structure for several years now and are invaluable in dealing with those who need assistance but whom we do not have the time to deal with.  Officers will regularly ask for support from the Angels which then allows them to carry on with the police tasks required in the town at that time.  The setting up of GAD was very welcome and was commented on very favourably by the Purple Flag Award Assessors who visited the town to assess us for the flag.  The team pulled out all the stops that night and provided some great supporting evidence for our accreditation. I meet with Richard on a regular basis and we share information on town issues particularly around the vulnerable members of the community and we have discussed our current plans around Domestic Violence and how the Chaplaincy can assist with that.  An example of a general supportive role it plays is in relation to a recent spate of thefts from the elderly within the town centre from handbags etc whereby the Chaplaincy are putting up our posters across the town churches as Richard suggested that the elderly ladies may pay more attention to the posters there than in general shops, this has enabled us to reach a wider audience. I have met with Karen the worker on the new project and will be linking in with her as part of my work on the Ugly Mugs project I am involved in with the street workers. I am very grateful for their support and believe the Chaplaincy is indeed an asset to the town." 

Deirdre M Dent
Inspector 148
Safer Neighbourhood Team - Watford

"We all need someone to turn to at times – someone who will listen to our problems and not judge us.  Often we choose to confide in a family member or a friend, but there are times when we can’t wait or we specifically want an outsider’s ear – and on these occasions the Watford Town Centre Chaplains are quite literally a godsend!  I am full of admiration for the work they do – their latest focus on women involved in the sex trade is worthwhile and in my opinion vital.  Likewise, the God After Dark programme - I’ve had the pleasure of joining the street angels on several occasions and have seen first hand how they keep the calm in the town centre at night, and help individuals who have run into trouble.   The Watford Town Centre Chaplaincy has the trust of the town – all the members of the local strategic partnership, One Watford, are aware and very supportive of the work they do." 

Dorothy Thornhill

Elected mayor Watford

WTCC is a member of the Alliance of Town and City Chaplaincies