Serving the heart of our town

WTCC Trustees.

Our trustees come from a variety of churches and backgrounds, each brings specific gifts and skills that enable the Chaplaincy to continue it's vital work in Watford.

They are: 

Rev Tony Rindl - Chair of Trustees

Rev Neville Dyckhoff ,  Colin Heath - treasurer- St Peters,  Jane Fish - St Mary's

Alan Bryant - South Oxhey Methodist, Jan Ellis - Saint James Road Baptist,

Rebecca Palmer - Wellspring Community Church

CEO and Senior Chaplain

Richard Chewter -  tel: 01923 227700 or 07833 051966       


Our office staff

Clare Hobbis - Office Manager   tel: 01923 227700


Trustees wanted

The Watford Town Centre Chaplaincy has grown rapidly since it was founded 10 years ago. It now has over 57 Chaplains serving in areas of the life of the town as diverse as the INTU Shopping Centre, the civic centre,  the Palace Theatre, the Skate Park and the Grand Union canal, in addition to the well-known Street Angels. and God After Dark.
As the Chaplaincy has developed so has the need for new Trustees. Although Trustees have a ‘behind the scenes’ role, it is essential for the success of the Chaplaincy that we maintain our team of active and committed Trustees. If you wish to support the Chaplaincy, the role of Trustee could be a very satisfying one.
The key responsibilities of Trustees are to Support the work of the Chaplaincy
Establish and review its strategic direction and plans Seek proper funding for its work
Maintain its integrity and good relations with other organisations.
Please consider prayerfully whether this is something which God is calling you to do.
A more detailed document about becoming a WTCC Trustee is available below. 

 Could I be a Trustee of the Watford Town Centre Chaplaincy?

This document is intended to help anyone who is considering whether they should offer themselves as a possible Trustee of the Watford Town Centre Chaplaincy (WTCC). It sets out what, in practical terms, the job of Trustee involves, what sort of people might be right for the role, and what sorts of knowledge and experience it might be helpful for them to have, and even if you feel you don’t fit any of these descriptions but think that God may be calling you to work with us, contact us anyway! 

 What do WTCC Trustees actually do?

Currently the WTCC Board of Trustees meets about 6 times a year, and in addition there is an annual Awayday. Trustees should aim to attend the Awayday and not less than half of the Board meetings. The Board currently meets on Tuesdays at lunchtime. We recognise that a midday meeting in Watford is impossible for some people who might otherwise make excellent Trustees and both the time and date of meetings can be reviewed. As a Trustee you will be encouraged to attend other meetings or groups, subject to your availability. You will also be asked to be an advocate for WTCC in your church and denomination, and more widely in the community. Although it is difficult to be precise about a time commitment, a Trustee of WTCC will probably spend on average not less than the equivalent of one day a month on WTCC activities . 

What are the responsibilities of WTCC Trustees?

The formal responsibilities of WTCC Trustees are the same as those of all charity Trustees, which are set out in charity law and explained by the Charity Commission. In brief, the Trustees take legal responsibility for the work and activities of WTCC, in particular that there is compliance with charity law and WTCC’s charitable objectives. However, although the role of Trustee is a serious and responsible one, it is not quite so frightening as this sounds! Common sense will take you a long way and advice is always available for more complicated matters. Within the specific context of WTCC, the main responsibilities of Trustees, both as individuals and as a body, can be summarised as follows:

 a) to establish and review the strategic direction and goals of WTCC, and to ensure that a plan is in place which will see the achievement of those goals.                                                                                        b) to establish appropriate funding and budgets for WTCC and to ensure that proper financial controls are in place.                                                                                                                                           c) to appoint and hold accountable the Senior Chaplain (Richard Chewter) for the management and actions of WTCC, and to support him and his staff as they seek to take the work of WTCC forward.                        d) to maintain the reputation and integrity of WTCC and to work for excellent relationships between WTCC and the other organisations with which it collaborates. 

 What skills and experience do new WTCC Trustees need?

 Three things are essential:                                                                                                                a) personal commitment to the aims, objectives, ethos and mission of WTCC.                                           b) personal experience of and/or commitment to working ecumenically as a Christian.                                c) be in good standing with a recognised Christian Church.

Over and above these three essentials for all Trustees, the Trustees as a group need a range of skills and experience, so it would be very helpful if you had one or more of the following attributes:                        a) experience of chaplaincy or similar activity.                                                                                       b) experience of organisational management or governance in the public or private sectors.                      c) involvement with public or private sector organisations working in the town- eg as a manager or staff representative.                                                                                                                                      d) expertise or experience in i) fundraisingii) HR matters ii) legal matters) iii)finance and financial management iv) Health and Safety v) business planning vi) information technology vii) marketing and public relations.

Trustees may be ordained or lay persons and we particularly welcome expressions of interest in becoming a Trustee from women and members of ethnic minorities. But above all else, you should feel that God may be calling you into this really important work.

I am interested- what should I do next?

If you wish to pursue further the idea of becoming a WTCC Trustee please contact the Chair of the Trustees, Neville Dychoff, either by email ( or by phone (01923 227700). The next step will probably be that you are asked to submit a curriculum vitae or similar document about yourself and come to a meeting with Neville, Richard and another Trustee.

WTCC is a member of the Alliance of Town and City Chaplaincies