Serving the heart of our town

Roger visiting in Watford market

 What is Chaplaincy?

"Providing a listening ear and building bridges of understanding and trust between work, faith, leisure and society."

What is a Chaplain?

 • A person who interacts with people for their emotional and spiritual well being.

• A chaplain's visits are organised with the agreement of the management and staff.

• A chaplain remains independent of the company he or she visits.

 • A chaplain as a representative of a local faith community, acts as a bridge builder with the work place.

 • The Chaplaincy service is open to all without discrimination and is confidential.Confidentiality covers all aspects of a chaplain's work, including individual conversations and information about the company.

 • Chaplains are motivated by the faith tradition they come from. They are not there to preach but to offer care, comfort and a listening ear.

The Chaplaincy is not a formal counselling service and should be regarded as complementing existing provisions and services.


WTCC is a member of the Alliance of Town and City Chaplaincies