Our Chaplains and where they serve.

Richard Chewter C.E.O                            


Richard is responsible for the day to day running of the Chaplaincy.  He heads up the team of Chaplains that cover the following areas.  He is Chaplain to the INTU Shopping Centre, Shady Lane Police Station and the Town of Watford.  He is the founder of Street Angels Watford, a member of the Church of England College of Evangelists and a member of National Association Chaplains to the Police.

He is the team leader for the following:


         Robert Cooper              Jack Watson            Katherine Green

Vagrancy & Street Angels  Chaplain to John Lewis   Chaplain to John Lewis


             Chris Cottee             Debbie Sharp              Michael Dada

                    Chaplains to the Staff at New Hope Trust


            Robin McEwen           Cherry Ross               MarleneFox          



                                                          Marianne Prew      

                                           Community Chaplain's      



                    Neville Dyckhoff                  Dave Perry                

                                   Chaplains to the Police

Night Turn Chaplains

This team, led by Richard, responds to the Police during the night to provide extra support.  The team:

Richard Chewter    Roger Chouler    Robin McEwen    Linda Leaver 

Debbie Sharp       Derek Van Es     Neville Dyckhoff

Jayne Fish          Rupert Sharp


                               Greg Bates              Dave Scourfield              Chris Hall

      Street Chaplain           Street Chaplain            Street Chaplain  


                     Gary Trollope                       Roger Chouler

               Street Chaplain                Chaplain to Charter Place         

                                                            and Watford Market   



                             Lynette Hill                        Tim Roberts             

                     Chaplain to                    Chaplain to Fire Station       

             Women of Watford                                        

         Sponsored by the Methodist Church     


Andrew Aires Team Leader   Jeanette Harries             Anna Bates

     Residential Homes        Residential Homes        Residential Homes


       Vivien Taylor               Anna Aires            

    Residential Homes        Residential Homes                                                                                   


      Helen Walton            Beatrice Collings

   Residential Homes         Residential Homes


                                                        Jill Willimott

                                             Team Leader Tesco Extra