Chaplains in Action

What do Chaplains do?

"On a visit to Watford market back in early 2009, I spotted a new coffee shop just opened that Valentine's day earlier in the week, and although I was due to finish for the day (as if that's possible with God) I felt prompted to go in and introduce myself. The owner greeted me but was clearly troubled. He explained that the new 7000 Pound coffee machine which was designed to serve a range of coffees and hot drinks was not working, it appeared to have a major electronic fault. The Coffee Shop owner had contacted the installers,  but they were unable to say when they would be able to send an engineer.

After some discussion about sales back-up and reliability, I felt heat rise around my collar and up into my neck and head,  a sign to me of the presence of the Holy Spirit,  urging me to pray for the machine. I nervously suggested to th eowner that I would be willing to pray for the coffee machine. The guy was so desperate that he agreed, so I laid hands om the machine and prayed a simple pray like "Dear Lord,  you know how everything works,  please fix this machine so all the parts work like they're supposed to, " and ended the prayer with a "In Jesus' name... Amen" followed by a long pause! It seems like Chris, the owner, still didn't want to turn it on.  I encouraged him to turn it on despite his doubts and together we observed the digital control panel go through its phases and to the surprise of everyone begin to spout steam.

All the shop were amazed and stood around with wide eyes and a sense of wow something has happened and we have seen it with our own eyes.  A pregnant waitress who witnessed this, immediately asked me to pray for her baby's safe arrival,  which I did.  The owner opened his till and offered me money and any number of cups of tea! Whilst I couldn't accept the money I have had a few cups of tea on following visits.  Five years on, Popiandy's is the meeting point for starting out on many a visit.

The news spread to all the staff in the coffee shop and when a week later the service engineer called in he was surprised to hear that the machine had been prayed for and had begun to work of its own accord.  To this day, the same machine is there and working."


What is a Chaplain?

Chaplains are drawn from a variety of local churches and are motivated by their Christian faith to care for all people and communities.  They are not there to preach but to offer care and comfort as well as a listening ear. Chaplaincs have received training suitable to their role and will receive specific training for their placement if required, to enable them to visit staff in a local business, retail outlet, or other organisation. All Chaplains are DBS checked and take part in on-going training and supervision by WTCC.

What do they do?

Chaplains will make regular visits, in agreement with an employer, to provide a listening ear to any employee who would like to talk to them. They do not provide a formal counselling service but are complementary to other professionals and services. They are independent from the organisation they are visiting and can act as a bridge between employer and employee, whilst maintaining confidentiality at all times.

We currently have a team of chaplains in the Town Hall, John Lewis, intu, Watford Market, New Hope, Residential Homes, Waterways, Tudor Surgery, Health Inclusion Matters, Watford Fire Station, Tesco Extra and a team of Street Chaplains who operate in The Hight Street, connecting with members of the public and the smaller retail outlets. 

At present we have more opportunities to place Chaplains then we have volunteers.

If you would like to think about becoming a Chaplain then please get in contact with us by emailing