Serving the heart of our town

Team Leaders:

Steve Bolton, Team lead.

Debbie Sharp, Team lead.

Mark warren, Team lead.

Elected Mayor Dorothy Thornhill with the Street Angels

Street Angels:

Friedburt Faher,  Lindsay Smith,  Sue Hendersen,  Jonathan Williams,  Rachel Allen,           Cathy weild,  Tushar moody,  Rev Chris Cottee,  Robert Cooper,  steve Bolton,                 Margaret Guyan,  Judith Rose, Cynthis Hall,  Lucia Llano Peretas,  Jonathan McBean,           Mark Crampton,  Franco Innocenti,  Melanie Lockhart,  Liz Sheasby,  Gerrard McMahon,       Katarina Strange, David Scourfield.


To provide a safety net of Christian workers of all ages for those using the town centre on a Friday and Saturday night.

Watford Street Angels would provide an on-street facility and integrated safety net service for individuals in need.  The needs of those individuals may be the result of homelessness in its various forms, intoxication, substance abuse and/or any other issue, which has caused personal distress or has the potential to cause physical harm to themselves or others.

Street Angels believes that people in need, particularly young people deserve care. The needs of these individuals may be the result of homelessness, intoxication, drug abuse and/or any other issue, which has caused personal distress or the potential for physical harm.  Street Angels also acknowledge and hold in high esteem the personal contribution of our volunteers.

Principles by which Street Angels Operates.

Street Angels is a Christian Enterprise under the management of Watford Town Centre Chaplaincy, and would therefore agree to work under  the Chaplaincy working practices.

A non-judgemental approach                                                                            We believe that people in need are best served by a non-judgemental approach to addressing their needs.  We believe that an integrated community based approach is the way to most effectively achieve the Street Angels vision.

Support and training                                                                                Volunteers are essential to the delivery of this service. Street Angels is committed to quality training and the ongoing support of its volunteers.

Professionalism                                                                                          We believe that an effective and professional management approach to the way we manage the service is required to ensure its sustainability.

Integrity                                                                                                  It is imperative to our success that we deliver the service with the highest ethical and legal standards. Honesty, fairness and sincerity are the principles underpinning all our activities.

Add value                                                                                             Street Angels is committed towards continually adding value to the service.

Details of the operation                                                                                The street Angels programme will consist of teams of 8 – 10 people per shift who operate an on street contact support for those in need during the hours the night clubs open, with contact links with the Police and emergency services. Volunteers will patrol on foot and have direct contact by mobile phone with other volunteers at the teams base.                                                                                   All volunteers will have been checked through the Town Centre Chaplaincy and would agree to the Chaplaincy working practices, all volunteers will have the backing of their church or fellowship.


If you are interested in joining this team of all ages to Serve the Heart of Our Town then please contact: Dave Scourfield - Manages Street Angels and leads a team contact him on 01923 227700 or email 

To provide a team of Christians to care for the young people using the night clubs and entertainment sector of Watford on a Friday and Saturday night. This is a practical expression of Christ’s love to all people and also an expression of our love for the town of Watford.
WTCC is a member of the Alliance of Town and City Chaplaincies