15th A15th August 2014.

Dear Prayer Partners,                                                                 

 Here are this week’s prayer requests…                  

  Give thanks

'     For the Lord’s continued financial provision for the Chaplaincy in recent weeks- for new Friends supporting us, for another successful grant application.

'     For Carolyn, our new finance and fundraising officer. Praise God that she has settled in well to the team.

'     For more new Chaplains processed at the moment- for their willingness to be part of our team.

'     For students coming on placement with the Chaplaincy in the new academic term.

'     For the good relationship that Street Angels have with the police, bouncer and taxi drivers.

'     For the willing team of Street Angels who were out last night caring for those celebrating result night.


'      For C, wanting to train to be a nurse, for God’s provision of finance to enable her to do this.

 '      For S who is homeless and has many difficult issues to cope with in his life.

'      For S and conversation had with Street Angels- pray for her compassionate heart towards others, that she would be spiritually renewed.

'      For justice and closure for the situation with the group celebrating a 21st birthday. Praise God for positive help given to them by Street Angels.

'     For D , taxi driver for willingness to help and protect “other people’s children”.

'     For N who was very drunk- give thanks for supportive brother who picked her up and got her home safely.

      For two bouncers from one of the night clubs, that they would be professional and considerate in what they do.

'     For a young girl whom the Street Angels have met, that she would be able to control her drinking habits. '     For G who is having heart surgery on 12th September that the operation would be successful without any complications.

 '     For T, thank the Lord that the Street Angels were able to help her and pray that she would return to Church.

'     For C who had a nose bleed who the Street Angels were able to help get a taxi home.

 '     For the homeless man whom the Street Angels were able to help and provide him with food.

'     Pray for members of the office team on holiday – for refreshment and rest whilst they are away during this month.

'     Pray for R’s father unwell in hospital, that the infection he has would be healed.

'     Pray for R as he ministers to a couple of another faith- that their eyes would be opened to the truth.  

Every blessing to all our prayer partners,

   Clare Hobbis , Office Manager.