Supporting the Chaplaincy

You can support the Watford Town Centre Chaplaincy in a variety of ways.

By becoming a volunteer

Firstly by becoming a volunteer on one of the teams.  Either as a Street Angel or by becoming a chaplain with us.  If you are interested in either then please telephone or email the office and we will arrange to talk you through becoming a volunteer with the Chaplaincy.

By becoming a prayer partner

Secondly by signing up as a prayer partner, you promise to pray for the Chaplaincy on a regular basis. We send out by email and post every week a list of prayer items. They are also listed on the news page of this web site.  Please contact the office if you wish to become a prayer partner.

By becoming a friend of the Chaplaincy

As a charity, we are dependant upon donations for our work. You can help maintain and expand this important ministry through financial support. You can give directly to the Chaplaincy through cheque, standing order and online.

Invitations to provide Chaplains within Watford continue to come in and we want to be able to meet these requests and extend the work of the kingdom.

With your support we can continue to do so, as well as facilitate and grow present projects, we will be able to provide more resources and serve a wider portion of our town.

By giving just £15 per month (gift aided) you would cover in a year the cost of the Chaplaincy for one day.

So why not consider becoming a Friend of the Chaplaincy and through your giving help provide this vital ministry to our town.  To maintain this ministry we need 365 friends of the chaplaincy to help cover our costs for one year so that we can equip and enable more workplaces to have Chaplains.

Friends will recieve:

*              a quarterly newsletter

*             a weekly prayer bulletin

*             a lapel badge

*            An invitation to the friends annual meeting.

To become a friend contact the office and we will guide you through the process.