Serving the heart of our town

Please print off the above Friends form and send to the WTCC office.

If this proves difficult follow this : right click, copy and paste into your word or publisher document.

There are three main ways you can support WTCC.

1. In Prayer

Above all other support - prayer is the one essential.  Please pray daily for the work we do, for the team that work hard and tirelessly in our town in the name of Christ Jesus.  That we will only do as He asks and we will do that work with the best of our abilities.  If you would like to receive our monthly prayer newsletter then please contact Clare on either : 01923227700 or by email:

2. Volunteering

By becoming one of our team either as a chaplain, Street Angel or GAD  worker.  we are always needing more people to come and work with us in reaching out to the people in our town.  If you would like to explore any of the work we do as a potential volunteer then please contact us in the office and have a conversation with Richard.  We suggest coming into the office for a chat over a cup of tea or coffee without any obligation.  Contact Richard on 07833051966 or by email

3. Financially

As always the WTCC , like so many other Christian ministries , needs financial support to enable us to continue our ministry in Watford. 

You could make a one off donation or fill in a Friends Donation to make a monthly gift to WTCC.  We would encourage you to do this as it helps budget through the year knowing what finance is coming in on a regular basis.

We are trying to build up our friends to cover the costs of running the chaplaincy for a year.  it has been worked out that a monthly gift of £15 a month supports the chaplaincy for a full day each year.  we are looking to raise 365 friends to fulfil our financial needs.  The form at the top of this page will enable us to do the rest of the work.  Pease copy and paste it in to your computer , fill it in and send to us at the chaplaincy office:  Watford Town Centre Chaplaincy, St Mary's View, King Street, Watford, WD18 0DF.

Many thanks