Welcome to the Watford Town Centre Chaplaincy

WTCC is a Christian organisation headed up by Richard Chewter and support staff, and is regulated by a board of trustees.  

WTCC is recognised by the Watford Council and Police as an invaluable service to the town, and statistics show that crime has noticeably been reduced through the presence of Chaplains and Street Angels.

WTCC operates from its headquarters in St Mary’s Close, adjacent to St Mary’s Church in the heart of the town centre.

Chaplains are unpaid volunteers recruited from the region’s churches, who, motivated by their Christian faith agree to give their time to the service of others through the Chaplaincy.

What can a Chaplain do for me?

A Chaplain is available to talk to at any time and can be called upon in an emergency.  

WTCC serves anyone of any faith, or none, in the town centre and freely offers independent, trustworthy and confidential listening and friendship.  

You matter, whether you are facing any kind of difficulty, conflict, work or relationship issues, sickness, grief, or anxiety and stress.  

Let a Chaplain come to you

A Chaplain will generally go to where you are and arrange to meet you either at work, or at a convenient location nearby.  They will listen and engage with you carefully and confidentially about what is concerning you. If further specialist counselling or help is required the Chaplain can act as a link to that service.

A Chaplain is there to give you emotional and spiritual support and will offer prayer if requested.

Chaplains undergo regular training and workshops to enable them to offer you the care and comfort you may be needing.

Where do Chaplains visit?

There are approximately 30+ volunteer chaplains who visit specific areas in the town centre, including the Town Hall, Palace Theatre, YMCA, the Market, Charter Place, Intu, John Lewis, Police and Fire Department, Law Courts, Skate Park, New Hope Trust, the Waterways, Surgeries, and at weekends, through Street Angels, cover the nightlife at the top and bottom of the town.

How is the Chaplaincy supported?

The Chaplaincy is supported by individuals, churches, organisations and friends, through regular financial gifts, prayer and legacies. If you would like to become a friend or supporter of WTCC please contact the office.